4 Decorating Tips You Probably Don’t Know

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4 Decorating Tips You Probably Don’t Know

  • Add some layers of lighting.

Modern houses design includes a layer of lighting. It creates interest, diversity and plotting to a room. If there’s a room that’s lit evenly, nothing will stand out. Add a focal or secondary point and highlight it using the layer of lighting and you’ll be amazed at the result.

  • try to choose a paint colour lastly.

This is one thing that we never do. People get very excited choosing the paint colour first. Why should you pick it last? Because you have to complement the paint colour with your furniture, upholsteries, artworks, etc. that you want to put in. its worth a go decide what you would like in the room and paint to match !

  • Have a breathing space for the furniture.

An overcrowded room is so old-school and can be irritating at times when you want to de-stress , rest and breathe for a while. Having a breathing space for the furniture and the room is also a good idea if you are cutting out a budget.

  • Create a focal point.

Just like in the movies, there are stars and supporting roles. You must create a focal point and make it your star of the house. Focal points are all about drawing attention. Some examples of this are the headboard of your bed or an art piece in your dining room, a feature fire place or statement dresser.