4 Luxurious Home Trends for 2017

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Home Trends for 2017

4 Luxurious Home Trends for 2017

For the last 2016, the high-tech home ideas are in trend so how about for the year 2017? Buying a home is one of the huge ideas you have to make and can be so much exciting. But what is more exciting than renovating your own home, right? We have come up with the top 4 luxurious home trends for 2017 for you and these have been the biggest trends coming up run the luxury sector for this year.

Having a laundry room upstairs

Why is this a good idea? Because most of our laundries are from upstairs, particularly in our rooms. It will lessen the hassle of bringing your laundries up and down and it will be much easier. As there are rooms for washing machines and dryers, another trend is installing separate drying cupboards. These cupboards also make your clothes wrinkle free as they dry. Nice, right?

Leisure and game room on rooftop or top floor

Having a leisure and game room in your home is also important. This is where you can relieve your stress from work. But what’s great about having it on the top floor? Playing with a great city view or beach view. Install the sound, TV, and radio with ceiling speakers would make it more luxurious.

Put a pet parlor

Pets are part of the family, so why not build their own utility room where they can comfortably poop. If you had a long walk with your pet, you do not need to worry about having a muddy floor and take them straight to your pet parlor. Put on some dog beds, underfloor heating and showers to dry them easily.

Have a submerging swimming pool

What’s amazing with this? It is where you can turn your pool into a ballroom floor.  The floor of the swimming pool upsurges to become level with the floor of the room. Just press a button and amaze your guests.