4 Painting Color Mistakes Home Owners Need To Avoid

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4 Painting Color Mistakes Home Owners Need To Avoid

Paint color is one of the most exciting decision done when redecorating your home. There’s so much shades of this and that colors to choose from. Getting the right color could be such a relief for you. Paint color sets the mood of your house and also affects how your furniture looks. Let’s take a look at the paint color mistakes we need to avoid and suggestions to take.


Mistake #1 – Painting a flat white ceiling

Making your ceiling just flat white could be a little boring. As designer Athalie Derse says ‘I would never paint a ceiling dead white because all white paint takes the room down because all of it has a bit grey in it.’

Suggestion: You should choose a cream shade instead of flat white.


Mistake #2 – Making it too bright/harsh

Too bright paint color could make a room a little exaggerated. We need color for our spaces which blends with our environment, and that could disguise or hide the features that are lacking.

Suggestion: If you’ve always wanted a red dining room, stay away from crayon red and stick to something more subdued, like a brick tone or raspberry tint.


Mistake #3 – Not thinking about the impact finish makes

Paint finishing has a huge effect on the success of the colors you choose to paint in your space. I remember someone told me that something felt wrong about the paint color but checking it, there had been the wrong finish.

Suggestion: Paint up a sample of different finishes when picking out color to see it in the space and in the light. You can use high-lustre finish.


Mistake #4 – Sticking with one color forever

Choosing color for your space could be a little stressful so you play-safe with your forever color. You must consider that rooms evolve and change over time, too.

Suggestion: Combine colors you love the look of with a way of creating a feel in a room that does just what you want it to, whether that’s energize you or calm you down.