5 Things Landlords Wish Their Tenant Knew

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5 Things Landlords Wish Their Tenant Knew

Landlords can relate!

As a landlord, one of your responsibilities is to make sure your tenants have the best stay in your property. However, at times, there are things that landlords wish their tenants knew. Here are only a few of them:

Listen and follow instructions.

Abiding the property’s rule can benefit both the tenant and landlord. These rules are made for your own sake. Landlords will tell you how to operate things like turning the gas valve off or tripping a breaker.

Pay the bills ON TIME.

If you want to stay on the property, pay the bills right on time. Do not ever let the landlord stand in front of your door just to collect the rental payment. Remember, you were the one who needed a place to live in, if you cannot pay the rent on time without any good reason, you can leave.

Being respectful all the time.

If you want your landlord to be respectful of you, you must respect them first. Everything can go a long way if you try to be polite and calm. If you have rental issues, get it solved by talking to them in a respectful manner.

Do not lie.

Lying is the worst thing you can do to your landlord. Trust is very important in a relationship, even the landlord-tenant relationship. If you have done something with regards to rental things, tell them right away so It can be solved. Remember that all secrets come out.

Be understanding.

Tenancy things are not the only issues the landlord has. If you already told them your problem, just wait as they can get back to you as soon as they can.
Do not be rude to people who work for them and treat the property with respect.
You can’t deny that there are tenants who are just rude to the people their landlord sent to fix their issues. Disrespecting the workers and the property can be a start of a rough relationship where it can go to getting kicked out of the house.

Give trust.

If he landlord asked you if they can enter your property, let them because it is for a legitimate reason. Yes, some landlords might steal but get to know them first before you judge everything right away.