Alternative Heating Fuels For Rural Home Owners/ Tenants

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Alternative Heating Fuels For Rural Home Owners/ Tenants

Living in a city can be tiring at times, where you can always hear engines roaring around the street. If you want to have a rest on city living, you can either buy a house or rent in rural parts of the town. But there are also problems that will arise if you’re living in a rural place and one of it is the heating supply. There’s a chance that you won’t be connected to the first gas and you need to make ways to get your home heated. If you are unfamiliar with other fuels that can be of use for your heating supply, here are some alternative rural fuels that can be handy for you.

  1. Oil

Oil is one of the most famous and efficient fuel if you want to heat something up especially if you have a modern condensing oil boiler to achieve its 90 percent efficiency. One problem for this is that there is also oil theft in rural areas, so you have to put yours in a tank in the garden. You can also order oil and get it delivered to you.

  1. Electricity

There are many options regarding heating by electricity. There are electric boilers and electric storage boilers but know that storage heaters are cheaper that the other one and requires more affordable maintenance, too. Also, know that if you purchase an electric boiler, you can have more control as it has a central heating system. With this, you may have to use a specialist tariff to control the costs, too because it is 2 to 3 times more expensive to heat a home using electricity rather that oil, solid fuel, and LPG.

  1. Solid Fuel

This one is the most popular in rural areas because it is easier to find and looks so country-style. Options for solid fuel are coals or wood-burning stove. The problem with this is that it requires much effort because you have to refill it regularly. This option can only provide heating so you would have to need an electric immersion tank if you want hot water.