Awesome Decorating Tips for Renters

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Awesome Decorating Tips for Renters

Awesome Decorating Tips for Renters

Just because you’re renting a place doesn’t mean you do cannot turn it into a place like home. In fact, decorating your rental place is actually has more benefits than decorating your own home. First, it is a cheaper process as you won’t need anything permanent. Second, no decoration will be made permanent so you can re-decorate according to your mood! Third, you can use your creativity.
These are only some perks of decorating a rental place. It is practically the perfect scenario for those who love to decorate. Here are a few tips to add some personal touches to make your rental place more like ‘home’. With a bit of imagination, you can instantly do all of these without limitations!

1.       Use removable wall decals

Wall stickers or wall decals are getting big these days. If you do not know what these are, these are pretty awesome stickers that you can stick up your wall. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and designs. My room is filled with them. I have trees, butterflies, city buildings, famous tourist spots and flowers. The great thing about these wall decals are they are easy to apply and remove. You can show off your playful side with them. These are a great option if you are kind of feeling lazy about decorating because all you need to do is figure out where to place it and stick it up there.custom-vinyl-wall-decals-logo open-uri20151103-3-7k1d5w-

2.       Removable wallpapers

Of course, removable wall papers are a renter’s best friend. There are plenty of colours, styles and patterns to choose from. These removable wallpapers are easy to apply, remove and reposition. The best part is you can reuse them again. Plus, it won’t leave any damage or residue on the wall so your landlord won’t complain about a thing.il_340x270.760801706_9ki2 WP9049b_grande

3.       Use fabrics

Or, you can skip the wallpaper and go for fabrics instead. These will give your walls more texture, and will make your place look edgier. There are plenty of step-by-step tutorials all over the internet. This is a great tip for those who are creative and love to experiment.wallpaper-redecor4

4.       Use washi tape

Washi tapes has been in the market for quite some time. We doubt it will go out of style any time soon just because it has plenty of great uses. You can use it for arts & crafts, and for decorating as well. It truly is a piece of Japanese gem. Washi tapes are super cheap and available in all sorts of colours and designs. They are very easy to remove and re-apply.b3d1658e4543f7cd497aa617b256c134

5.       Command hooks

If you’re a renter, command hooks should be in your toolbox at all time. These will help make your decorating chores easier. These are easy to put up and take down. You will no longer need hammer, drills and nails because command hooks will save you all the hassle of using those.IMG_8200e photo