Awesome ideas for your new flat

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Awesome ideas for your new flat!

Awesome ideas for your new flat

Awesome ideas for your new flat! . As a renter, we constantly need to think of creative ways to decorate our flats without violating our lease agreement and compromising our security deposit. Great news, we are here to help! Here are some of the most awesome ideas that you can use on your flat.

  1. Decorate with removable wallpaper tiles



  2. Refurbish old furniture Awesome ideas for your new flat8d9af8590365a0873d799ca5915c45de
  3. Landscape your balcony

    via Apartment Therapy


  4. Make the most out of your small space Awesome ideas for your new flat



  5. Give Your Air Grille A Makeover

  6. Make your own giant mural


  7. Give your fireplace a makeover Awesome ideas for your new flat

    Source & instructions: swingncocoa


  8. Add trim to your windows6.-Add-molding-andor-trim-to-your-windows-27-Easy-Remodeling-Projects-That-Will-Completely-Transform-Your-Home
  9. Frame your TV 





    So as you can see a little change can go along way, especially for renters, changing or updating your space may not be a permanent change, these are ideas that can move with you, also having to be careful not to jeopardise your security deposit. Some websites like pinterest  have some really fantastic ideas on how to create the best from a small space, or how to fill a large room with key items at not a huge cost.

Having a good strong colour theme running through a room with things like bedding and towels can really add a personal touch with out breaking the bank and are portable from property to property.