What Are The Benefits Of Buying a Newly Built Property?

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What Are The Benefits Of Buying a Newly Built Property?

When buying a new house, there are plenty of options to consider. Most of the time, it narrows down to choosing a traditional house, or a newly built one. Both types of property has it’s own pros and cons. Most of the time, people look for traditional houses because of the look, feel and charm. However, there are also plenty of qualities a newly built property can offer. That will be the focus of this article today.

Listed below are only some of the benefits of buying a newly built property.

Newly built properties come with a warranty.

Most of the time, newly built properties are subjected to a series of tests. Majority of these tests will be inspected by an independent adviser. Often, there is a warranty associated with the property. This gives you the assurance that you are buying a tested quality home.

Newly built properties are fit for the modern life.

A lot of things have changed since traditional homes were built. On the other hand, a newly built property is created to fit the comforts of modern life.

It saves a lot of money.

As opposed to a traditional home, newly built properties are not subjected to renovations and are not upper fixers. It is also important to mention that newly built homes are more energy efficient than traditional homes are. These new houses are 45%-55% cheaper to live in. This could potentially save you £1,300 a year according to National House-Building Council Foundation.

More benefits to look for:

  • Newly built properties are great at retaining or adding property value.
  • Less maintenance are required.
  • Newly built homes are more likely to adhere with modern health regulations.
  • These new properties are more secure and utilized.
  • Newly built homes are enhanced with modern safety technology.
  • Newly built homes are less harmful to those people who have allergies or other healthy concerns.

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