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Advice For Furnishing Your Rental Space

Rented spaces need good furnishings, too. When it comes to furnishing your rental space, always keep in mind to include what you want and how to make your guests and friends comfortable. Your home can affect the mood of the people in it, so make the best out of it. It will not only benefit them, but it is for yourself mostly.

Here are some of what you need to provide when furnishing your rental space:

  • Always choose the best quality. It’s better to provide yourself and yourself some good quality furniture. It is the first one that would make the impression of your space. Always remember, the first impression lasts and the feeling of comfort lasts longer.
  • Make the environment comfortable. There will always come a time where you need to be relaxed and your home should be the best place to provide you the comfort you need. The living room can be your guest’s room if you don’t have enough space for the bedroom. Make sure to choose a good couch. Always know that if the comfort is not enough for you, same goes for your guests.
  • Invest in accessories. Accessories give color and mood to your space. Get some accessories that would give you the comfort as you walk through the door right away. Choose what fits your style. Accessories do not have to be so expensive. It can be easily found at garage sales or you can DIY, too.
  • Choose a durable furniture. You can bring in your own chairs, tables, desks and other stuff to make sure you feel like home. Try to find furniture that is easy to clean so it can give you less hassle. Avoid fabric such as suede because dirt is hard to remove and it gets dirty easily. You can also find good quality furniture that can also fit your space.

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6 Awesome Ways to Redecorate Your Dining Room

In case you are renting, this handy redecorate guide may help.  The  dining room is one of the parts of your space where you stay the most, aside from the bedroom. This is where you usually eat and stay if you have much homework, study or you had to do paperwork. You might consider decorate your dining room to increase its comfortability to make you more productive and have fun while having meal. We have compiled some of the awesome ways to give ideas if you plan on redecorating your dining room.

  1. Start with your table. You can choose by buying the table that will fit your taste or if you’re in a budget, dress up your table by choosing a good tablecloth. Putting some fruits would definitely add color to it and would be best if you put it in  transparent glass.
  2. Choose a good lighting. You can modernize your dining room by choosing a industrial-style lighting. Balance their streamlined look by combining the lighting with natural furnishings. Eye-catching chandeliers are the hallmark of a well-designed dining room.
  3. Add some slipcovers for your chair. If you’re tired of your chair, slipcovers would be best advice for you. It is the best for the upholstered chairs. You can have it customized with what color you want or have it embroidered.
  4. You can make couches as your dining chairs. This surely would boost up its coziness. Fill the kitchen corner with a low-profile couch on either two sides of the dining table.
  5. Hang a larger-than-life piece of art on your dining wall. You must hang it low so it can be eye-level when you and guests are sitting, and this wall art will be more appreciated.
  6. Add some candles on your dining You can choose some really lovely votive or you can do-it-yourself. Use pillar candles because it adds up versatility and it is long-lasting.

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Steal These Decorating Ideas For Your Rental Space

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Let’s say hello to 2017 but are you ready to say goodbye to your old space? New year gives you the chance to come up with new rental decorating ideas to start the year more awesome and stylish. Your space is a huge part of your everyday life since it is where your comfort belongs. These décor ideas will help to make your renovation more fab!

Paint Selections

One good idea is to paint your furniture if you are not allowed to paint the walls. Painting the bed frame can create so much impact as the new color on the walls.

Dress Up Your Windows

Blinds are the most common used in rental spaces because it’s easy to put in but it can also be a little boring. You should try making DIY curtains to make your space more personalized since curtains put on the most appearance in homes.

Cover Your Floors

Most of the time especially when you are just renting the space, you don’t have the time or rights to change the floorings. But what should you do if the apartment’s flooring is just too old and boring? You can come with an extra-large area rug to cover up the old floor which coordinates with the other decorations.

Have an Entertainment Section

Put up your TV in the center and add some spice with it like hanging a paneled artwork and having many storage surrounding it. In addition to this, having a piece of furniture beneath a wall-mount TV grounds it and stops it from seeming as if there’s a random black object floating on the wall.

Fill Up Boring Walls

Boring walls is the first enemy you can get from renting spaces. Try hanging a grid of your favorite pictures with large mats. Larger mats create the needed white space for having an active display.

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apartment hunting tips

Guidelines for Space Hunting

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There are plenty of advice you can get when hunting for a flat. What we aim to give you are the dos and don’ts to keep your limbs intact. It is prime time for the  flat hunting frenzy. So here are some knowledgeable tips for you to consider before and after you moved in:

Before Starting Your Property Search

  • Always be financially prepared.
  • Find a flat that is near your workplace or university.
  • Listen to your friends’ advice about good neighborhoods if you’re new to area.
  • Compare the crime rate in different parts of the area using the Guardian’s interactive UK crime map tool.

Before Moving In

  • Capture the inside scoop of your chosen flat. Ask some of the tenants currently living in about the pros and cons of the flat.
  • Maintain friendly terms because you will need to be in contact with these people in case they move out.
  • Always check the status of the plumbing, gas and electricity. Make sure to examine the leaks and holes in floors and ceilings and inform the landlady about it before moving in.
  • Do not let the agency bully and intimidate you. Get their contact numbers so you can personally contact them if things go wrong.
  • Pay your rent on time.

After Moving In

  • Be sure to know your rights. If something goes wrong and you are not the one who caused it, inform your landlord or letting agent  right away because it is their responsibility to take care of it as soon as possible.
  • If the landlord or your agency does not respond and refuses to take care of the damage, it is within your rights to report them through council to Health and Safety.