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How To Budget Money for Rent

Money is the first thing you should have if you plan on renting. Budgeting money isn’t that easy specially to those people who spend so much on other stuff. You should depend on your income before you start listing the outgoings. So here’s a guide on what things to consider on your budget:

General thing you need to do:

  • Calculate all your monthly expenses
  • Figure out your monthly income
  • Minus the expenses from your income and calculate what’s left

List your income. It is the money coming in your pocket which could be:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Loans and contributions, if any, from your family

List down the expenses you’ll have when you plan on renting.

  • Food and household items
  • Clothes
  • Transportation
  • Garbage pick up
  • Parking
  • Administration fees
  • Cigarettes or alcohol
  • Credit card or loan repayments
  • Going out expenses
  • Other stuff (books, gift, DVD’s. etc)

*Do not forget to include:

  • Rent
  • Fuel bills
  • Internet and telephone charges
  • Water bills
  • Council tax
  • Mobile phone costs
  • Renter’s insurance

Always take note on how much you spend on each area and where you can cut down if you are short on the money left.

Budgeting can be a little tricky but with the right knowledge and discipline, expect that everything will work out well. One must learn how to save money depending on the lifestyle to make the rent more affordable. Always consider the place where you want to live and make sure that it is location and housing-wise. If you live by yourself, a studio or a basement apartment might be cheaper than a two-bedroom apartment. The bigger the house, the larger the rent. Also, living in a city might be more expensive and might be tempting to buy the things you want because all of it is already there. Wherein, renting out of nowhere might be cheaper but expect a more expensive transportation costs.


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Ways to Become the Best Tenant

Be the best tenant you can be.

If you plan to rent a space, being tenant can be horrible especially if you heard so my landlord horror stories. Landlords may always be misjudged and renters do, too. So take out a new strategy to change these old stories and have the best landlord-tenant relationship. But how can you be the best tenant your landlord could ever have? Take time to read the tips below:

Get ready for the rental interview

Yes, searching for apartments have interviews, too. Landlord will interview you and vice versa. This is a serious matter as it will be the first stage to build a good relationship with the landlord. Yes, you do not have a home, but do not look like homeless or else, they’ll doubt about how you can pay the rental bill.

Be prepared to rent anytime

Do not ever waste your time or the landlord’s if you aren’t fully ready to commit renting the space. Once you found the rental you like, you should put down the holding or reservation fee but if you do not like the place, then get ready to move to your next space. Prepare your proof on employment and income and bring a pen in case you need to fill up a contract.

Do not bring anybody who won’t rent

Once you talk to your landlord and tag a friend along who isn’t going to rent, the landlord might assume he/she might be moving in, too. Keep in mind and do not be offended if the landlord says that they do not want to keep criminals on their property. If you have a kid along, do not let them wander around as it is not your place yet.

Learn the move-in etiquette

Once you have decided to take in the place and been approved, move in during the day, especially not after 8 p.m. If you’ll be by the past that time, move in the next day. Do not block anything including the other tenants’ car and make them wait just for you to finish moving in your things. Have respect with everybody.


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Summer In The UK: Renting A Vacation Home for Tourists

Find the perfect vacation home in the UK.

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to spend your summer in. There are tons of places to visit and sceneries that are just out of this world.

The UK is known as one of the best countries to visit due to its history. There are plenty of cheap vacation homes no matter where you go.

Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or the countryside, you can find a cheap rental home to keep your sheltered through the night. No matter what your vacation plan is, you can find a home away from home. Check out these listings from TheGuardian.

Eco-barn with sea views: PEMBROKESHIRE

Set in nine acres of farmland, Tân y Garn is a newly converted stone-built barn with sweeping sea views over Whitesands Bay. The open-plan living space is on the first floor to make the most of the panorama, while the two bedrooms and bathrooms are downstairs. A rugged outcrop rises behind the property, and there’s a sunken lawn and patio for lounging and barbecues. A choice of wild beaches and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path are nearby. Larger groups can rent Upper Porthmawr next door (sleeps eight). Eco-touches include solar panels, there’s Wi-Fi and Sky TV, and dogs are welcome.
Sleeps four, £1,850 a week in July/August, £695 low season, 01437 721674,

Amid the dunes: NORTHUMBERLAND

New this spring, sitting among sand dunes on a beautiful stretch of the Northumberland coast, Sandhills is a two-bedroomed, light-filled, chalet-style house with Bamburgh Castle a dramatic backdrop. The family-friendly beach has won awards for water quality and cleanliness, and is perfect for long walks, surfing and windsurfing. Rock pools will keep little ones entertained for hours.
Sleeps three, £595 a week in July/August, £395 low season, 01573 226711,

Splendid isolation: LAKE DISTRICT

Situated near the bottom of the steepest road in England, Bird How in Holmrook is in a super-remote location in one of the least-visited parts of the Lake District, above the river Esk. Small and rustic, it’s perfect for a back-to-basics stay and for hikers wanting a challenge without the crowds. There’s a twin bedroom and another with bunk beds (bring your own sheets) but there’s no bathroom – use the kitchen for washing, and the toilet’s in the former cow barn in the basement of the cottage.
Sleeps four, £642 a week in July/August, £335 low season, 0344 800 2070,

Private meadow: SUFFOLK

New this year, the Hobbit Box is a cleverly converted wooden horsebox in its own wildflower meadow on a 115-acre glamping site, Secret Meadows. With handcrafted wooden furniture, vintage velvet curtains and a Middle Earth theme (from goblets and round windows to Tolkien-themed prints on the walls), it’s a total charmer. There are two double bunks, a wood-burning stove, private loo and shower and wooden deck for moonlit nights underneath the oak trees. The site is run by The Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust and there are nature trails through old woodland and meadows, and bushcraft and Wild Way workshops too.
Sleeps four, £894 a week in July/August, £779 low season, 01394 382992,

Do you have more suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!


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Interior Design 101: Decorate A Small Bedroom

Listen to what experts have to say when it comes to decorating a small bedroom.

Decorating a small bedroom is always fun. On the flip side, it can also be a challenge. Clearhaven Lettings is always here to help.

We have gathered great advice from different experts to help you decorate a bedroom. These interior design tips are made for those who are planning to decorate a small bedroom but couldn’t decide where to start.

Remember, a small bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring bedroom. There are plenty of ways to make a bedroom look fun. Check out these tips below.

Interior designer Beata Heuman via House And Garden UK

Simon Brown

Beata Heuman has transformed her Earls Court flat into a beautiful work of art. Here’s some advice:

Mirror is a vital tool in the armoury of anyone designing a small room. Use it to reflect light and create an illusion of space. Here mirrored Ikea ‘Pax’ wardrobes flanking the window emphasise the view on to leafy Brompton Cemetery. The blinds are in ‘Serafina’ (white) by Marvic.

Image credit: Malcolm Menzies

In a recent post by Ideal Home UK,  Jennifer Louise Ebert wrote: “Be bold with a striking wallpaper and eye-catching artwork and turn a single wall into the main focus of a small bedroom. Opt for a restricted colour palette with crisp white bed linen and furniture made from reclaimed wood. Stick to mostly white bed linen so the look isn’t overly busy and introduce a splash of colour to liven up the scheme a notch.”

Colors are important

When it comes to decorating a small space, light colors are the best choice. Light colors enhance the feeling of the space.  Choose a light-colored paint, furnishes, and decorations.

Do you have more tips? Share it with us in the comment section below!