Christmas Home Accessory Wish List

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Christmas Home Accessory Wish List

Many people have a love hate relationship with Christmas. On the one hand this is the perfect time to bring out the best in your interiors, to get creative with seasonal trimmings and to really go to town on the sparkle. On the other hand it’s very easy to get it wrong and end up with a home that feels like a fire hazard. If you’re looking for some tips on how to decorate your interiors for Christmas this year then our wish list of home accessories is a great place to start.

The wreath

Evidence suggests that homes that have abundant Christmas wreaths on their doors at this time of year are viewed by neighbours as a friendlier prospect than those without, so if you want to get asked next door for Christmas drinks invest in some foliage for your front door. If you can’t find a shop bought wreath that suits your tastes then make your own additions – roses,  ivy, thistles and eucalyptus are all easy to find and add fragrance and aesthetic appeal.


At Christmas, candles are the ultimate accessory as twinkling lights and the smell of a snuffed out flame never fail to make a room feel magic. Try buying scented candles this year that bring fragrances of cinnamon or cloves into your home for a super festive feel. You can also make candles a lighting statement – place in coloured glass jars for a seasonal table feature or use tea lights inside lanterns for a vintage Christmas feel.

Table settings

In reality, the Christmas table settings are an essential, rather than an accessory, as the Christmas meal is one of the highlights of the event and deserves a proper setting. Pine cones combined with red napkins and gold candles provide a sense of festive nature and fabrics such as tartan and a wealth of green holly, ivy and fir tree branches can give your table both gravitas and festive cheer.

Cake stands

Whether you use them for a Christmas cake that you’ve gone to the effort of baking and icing yourself or you’re hosting a party and need a way to display your canapés, at this time of year cake stands are the perfect Christmas accessory. Choose from Scandi-cool wooden designs, elegant metallic looks or classic glass stands.


After the food has been eaten, the guests have left and you’re settling in for a cozy evening around the fire, there are no better home accessories than soft-to-the-touch sofa throws, mountains of pillows in festive plaid or metallics and the plushest of rugs on which to keep toes toasty.