Damage-Free Ways To Add Your “Own” Touch To A Rental

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Damage-Free Ways To Add Your “Own” Touch To A Rental

It is a bummer living in a rental property you can’t decorate ! especially if you are an arty person . For example, letting you paint the walls according to your preferred taste or putting frames on the wall, but your landlord told you not to put holes on their wall, you must make sure you do not become in breach of your agreement.

Now, here are some ways that you can add a personal touch to your rental without freaking out your landlord.

Stickers on the walls

Understandably, landlords aren’t thrilled with the concept of tenants painting the walls because if they do it badly, it can be pretty costly to fix. One excellent idea is to use stickers to jazz up the walls. Wall stickers can be found in most DIY shops these days, they rarely damage the walls as long as you stick to the guidelines on the stickers, and they can be moved from room to room, or property to property if you are moving on, a great way to add some personal touches when thinking about how to decorate.

Replacement Floorings

Another thing landlord in general doesn’t want you to change is their flooring. You know it’s pricey – material and labor wise. However, if you hate the red tiles in your rental flat and you clearly can’t live with it, you can consider replacement  flooring. Some of your options are wood paneling or custom cut rubber flooring. If you have an extra cash, you can also consider carpets, this is an area you must seek permission, the landlord may love that red tiled floor, and as long as you keep it in tact, they should allow you to lay a carpet on top.

 Make it look brand new

If you’re feeling a bit restless and need to do some to decorate, try a simple ‘refresh’. Get new covers for your couch, try some cushions in a punchy colour or even just get a few new tea towels for your kitchen. A little home ‘botox’ is the perfect way to refresh a rental on a budget.

Channel your inner artist

It doesn’t cost a lot to be artistic – you can make a freedom wall out of magazine covers or art towels. If you’re worried you’ll ruin the paint of the wall, just use strings to hang your pictures and use pegs to secure them. You can also put wonderful artworks from the net as well, have them printed and put it on your wall.