Decorating A Family Room On A Budget

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Decorating A Family Room On A Budget

All the decorating tips you need – straight from the experts!

The family room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the place where the whole family gathers to bond.

The size of the room doesn’t really matter. What matters, however, is that everyone in the family must feel comfortable inside the family room.

Hence, the decoration of the family room is very important. We have gathered some great tips straight from the experts in able to help you out. Decorating your family room on a budget is easier than it seems. All you need

Decorating your family room on a budget is easier than it seems. All you need to consider is your family’s preference. Read these tips below:

In these ‘don’t move, improve’ times, a lick of paint is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your home an instant lift. Whether you make a statement with a feature wall, go all out and decorate an entire room in an intense shade, or opt for a stylish two-tone scheme, you’re guaranteed a striking look with oodles of glamour. – Ideal Home UK

On The Floor

Nothing is more depressing than frayed and stained carpet. If the floorboards beneath are good, the least expensive option is to sand them down and paint or stain the wood. Stairs and hallways can be laid with a runner. However, if you want to re-carpet your whole house, look for ‘landlord specials’ at warehouses or online. While you won’t find top-spec pure wool floorcoverings in this bracket, you should find a real bargain. – House Beautiful UK

Updates on a Dime

Give new looks to old favorites. Get custom lampshades with this idea: Glue on ribbon in a striped pattern.

Ready-made pillows are easy to find. Purchase ones with zip cases and down inserts. When you decide to change the room, just replace the cases.

Modernize your lamps. For one, we just added a new shade. We also bought a blue lamp for the chest. Then we glued ribbon to both of the shades for a custom look. The shades were £10 each, and the ribbon was even less. – Southern Living

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