Decorating Sins You Probably Don’t Know

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Decorating Sins You Probably Don’t Know

Many of us stick to the things we are comfortable with  and are afraid of change, but always know that change is inevitable. When it comes to decorating, we tend to suffer from few old habits. Habits are good but some of these are not, and it includes the thing about decorating. Here are some of the old habits and things you’re probably doing wrong when decorating. Take time to read, and I’m sure that it’ll change your mind.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things in a home. Some people set up the lighting that is too bright or too dim so what you should do best is to vary the level of its brightness or most probably, install some dimmers. You can also make the lighting highlight food, books, painting or stuff you love.

  1. Having a built-in refrigerator.

Not all of us are professional in the kitchen and even to those aspiring chefs, having a built-in refrigerator won’t satisfy your need. Having a less lustrous kitchen is the key for coziness.

  1. Making your woodworks painted white.

White is refreshing, yes but not all the time and if all of your woodworks are white, it can be boring, too. Color adds personality to a home and make it more lively.

  1. Sticking to color beige.

I do agree that beige is the most chosen color or a home but it’s so old school. As I told you, color adds interest and personality. Not too dark but you can pick a light or warm one.

  1. Dining room made for only dining.

Dining room should also be your place of comfort, work, and everything you want. Make it more flexible by adding some books or make a mini library. Trust me, it’s an excellent idea.