Five Of The Most Beautiful Castles in England

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Five Of The Most Beautiful Castles in England

Five Of The Most Beautiful Castles in England

When one thinks of England, one often thinks of the beautiful scenery, the picturesque towns, and of course, the historic castles. Castles are very much part of England just like every major attraction in every major city in the world. There’s the Empire State Building in New York, the Sidney Opera House in Australia, and so on.

The great thing about England is that there’s not only one, but plenty of castles to visit. These castles are filled with rich history. These castles are built to keep the enemies out, and provide comforts for those who lived within. Listed in this article are some of the most beautiful castles that you can visit in England. Most of these are tourists spots which you can go to.

First of all, thank you to those photographers from Flickr who have let us use their photos.

  1. Bodiam Castle


    Photo From Flickr

    The Bodiam Castle was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III, supposedly at the request of Richard II in order to defend the surrounding area from French invasion. By 1434 Sir Edward Dalyngrigge’s nephew Richard was living in the castle.Recent research suggests that the castle was built more for show than as an effective defence. There is evidence supporting that research, as the walls of Bodiam Castle are only a couple of feet thick.  Source: Wikipedia

    Castle Location: East Sussex
    Castle Website: Bodiam Castle Website

  2. Leeds Castle



    Leeds Castle is in Kent, England, 5 miles southeast of Maidstone. A castle has been on the site since 1119. Source

    Location: Maidstone ME17 1PL, United Kingdom

  3. Windsor Castledownload

    Tour the historic royal castle full of spectacular art and antiques, plus grounds and chapel. Location: Windsor SL4 1NJ, United Kingdom

  4. St. Michael’s Mount557031968_06c2f47cd1Photo From Flickr

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island located 366 m (400 yd) off the Mount’s Bay coast of Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is united with Marazion by a man-made causeway, passable only at mid to low tide, made of granite setts. The island exhibits a combination of slate and granite.

Source: Wikipedia

Castle Location: Cornwall
Castle Website:St. Michael’s Mount Website

5. Skipton Castle

Photo from Flickr

Skipton Castle is situated within the town of Skipton, North Yorkshire, England. The castle has been preserved for over 900 years, built in 1090 by Robert de Romille, a Norman baron.

The castle has stood for 900 years, first built as a Motte and Bailey castle in 1090 by Robert de Romille, a Norman baron. The castle was soon replaced with a stone keep as the old Motte and Bailey constructed was not enough to withstand the attacks from the Scots to the north.

Castle Location: North Yorkshire
Castle Website: Skipton Castle Website