Five Unusual Mobile Homes

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Five Unusual Mobile Homes

Five Unusual Mobile Homes    –  There are days when we all just want to quit our jobs, pack our bags and go live somewhere far away. While that sounds like a tempting idea, the reality is we all have lives that require us to have jobs. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use that dream to fuel up your inspiration. In fact, if you work hard enough, we believe that you can retire early and do what you’ve always dreamed about. Or, you can do it all in balance if you can.

Whichever way you are planning to go, we have decided to share these awesome mobile homes that you will surely love to live in.

  1. Micro House in Tsinghua by Studio Liu Lubindezeen_micro-house-in-tsinghua-by-studio-liu-lubin_10 dezeen_micro-house-in-tsinghua-by-studio-liu-lubin_18

The Micro House is made from fibre-reinforced foam. It features three cross-shaped modules. This house is light enough to be lifted and rotated by the inhabitant. It also changes the function of the spaces inside. How cool is that?

2. Bao House by dot Architectsdezeen_bao-house-by-dot-architects_4

This mobile living space is light enough to be transported by a tricycle. It was designed by Chinese studio dot Architects. It is designed to sleep three people. The Bao House is only a tiny quilted cube that looks like it is made from fabric. In reality, it is made from spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

3. Sleepbox 01 by Arch Groupdezeen_sleepbox-by-arch-group_20 dezeen_sleepbox-by-arch-group_17

The Sleepbox 01 was designed by Russian architects called the Arch Group. It was developed to provide tiny movable hotel rooms that can be used for napping just about anywhere. From train stations, shopping centres to airports, you name it. Inside is a double bed and some LED reading lamps. It even has sockets for charging your laptops and mobile phones.

4. Fincube by Studio Aisslingeradzn_fincube-by-studio-aisslinger-1 dzn_fincube-by-studio-aisslinger-3

Personally, I think the Fincube is the coolest mobile home in the list by far. It was created by Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger. The Fincube was created for a spot in the side of a mountain in Ritten, Italy. It is made from wooden louvres and local timber.

5. Opera by Axel Enthovendzn_opera-by-axel-enthoven-5 dzn_opera-by-axel-enthoven-3

Last, but certainly not least on this list is the Opera. Yes, it was named after the Sydney Opera House simply because it looks similar to the well-known attraction. The Opera is a mobile holiday home that was designed by a great Belgian architect named Axel Enthoven. The most amazing thing is that the Opera was made completely by hand. It includes two beds, hot and cold water, mobile hob, a toilet and of course, LED lighting. Pretty cool, eh?