Fun Decor Ideas

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Fun Decor Ideas

Fun Decor Ideas

Fun Decor Ideas, Thinking of re-decorating your apartment or your room? We have compiled some of the coolest, cheapest way to decorate your room without violating your landlord’s rules. Did I mention that these tricks are absolutely cheap? It won’t cost you big bucks, and you will have a brand-new looking room in just a few easy steps.

Check them out below.

1. Storage Ottoman DIYCrateOttoman1_MonMakesThings

Here’s what you’ll need:
To build: {4} wooden crates, {2} 8′ 2x4s (or other beam wood), {4} 2″ casters w/screws, {8} corner brackets w/screws, {12} 1.25″ wood screws, {4} 2.5″ wood screws, {4} 1″ wood screws, drill w/drill bit & driving bit

To upholster: sheet of mahogany underlayment (or other sheet wood that is NOT plywood), 2″-thick foam, polyester batting, upholstery fabric of your choosing {note: materials amounts depend upon the size of your crates, but you need enough to cover your table}, heavy duty staple gun w/staples, {5} make-to-match buttons, polyester upholstery cord, upholstery needles, scissors, yardstick/tape measure

To paint: semi-gloss paint+primer of your choosing, paint brush, drop cloth. Read more.

2. Decor Disguise Fun Decor Ideas, CI-Our-Fifth-House_awkward-light-switch-fix_v.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1288 (1)

You’re certainly not going to change the electrical work in your rental, so you may be forced to live with some oddly-placed lights, light switches or power outlets. Carmel from Our Fifth House solved this problem by camouflaging a light switch within a tasteful gallery wall.

3. DIY Stepladder Side Table

voa funkyjunkinteriors

voa funkyjunkinteriors

1. Select boards for shelves, wall supports, and something to connect the ladder to the wall.

2. Lean the full ladder against the wall at the desired angle. Attach ladder to the wall with top brackets.

3. Mark how long you desire the boards to be, then cut to size.

4. Stain the boards if desired. I used acrylic paint.

– mix black and brown unevenly so it creates different coloured streaks when applied

– water it down a LOT

– brush quickly in long even strokes, allow to dry, then lightly sand

5. Place cut boards on each step, touching the wall. Draw a line with a pencil underneath the boards to mark where your supports will go.

6. Attach supports.

7. Attach boards to steps by screwing underneath each step, so the screws don’t show.

8. Decorate, because you are now done!

via funkyjunkinteriors

4. Repurposed Horseshoe And Chunk Of Wood Votives

Fun Decor Ideas,

via simplycountrylifeRepurposed-Horseshoe-and-Chunk-of-Wood-Votives

5. Ikea Kallax Coffee Table DIY

via makescoutdiyIkea-Kallax-Coffee-Table-DIY

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 – Kallax Shelving units, assembled with the hanging brackets set aside
  • 1 – 58″ by 33″ inch piece of plywood (choose the wood grain pattern carefully! You’ll be looking at it a lot)
  • 8 – Long screws
  • No odor Polyurethane, water based
  • Power Drill

What To Do:

1. Push the two shelves together, the cubbies should be facing the sides, and make sure that the ends line up with one another.

2. Using the hanging brackets and screws that came with the Kallax shelves, screw the bracket in so that connects the interiors of the two shelves (see below). You can use the pre-drilled holes for the brackets on the interior of the shelves though two holes should be left open.

3. Sand down the top and edges of the plywood so that they’re smooth. Plop the plywood on top of the two shelves and line it up so that it has an even lip on the long sides.

4. Screw on the plywood top in place using the extra 8 long screws, being careful to ensure that the screws are lined up to be in the outer wall of the shelf.

5. Brush the Polyurethane onto the plywood top, following the cans drying instructions. I recommend 3 coats, it will darken the table top slightly (but in a good way!) and protect it from scratching and wear and tear.

6. Pop baskets, boxes or blankets into your cubbies and fill them with your stuff.

Fun Decor Ideas,

See photos here.