Great News: New Essex University accommodation block given the go ahead

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Great News: New Essex University accommodation block given the go ahead

It is indeed a great time to live in Essex! With all the new developments in the business world, and the increase in population, Essex is a place to be! Now, for a far greater news. Essex University has been given the go signal to build a new 643-room accommodation complex. Isn’t that great?

The rooms will be divided into seven two-storey blocks. This means that the university will have 4,747 student bedroom in the town. This also means that with these new accommodation block, all first year and overseas students will now be able to have a room on the campus.

Over the course of a few years, the student population of Essex University has increased significantly. The director of the campus services, Chris Oldham had stated that the new complex was essential as the university continues to welcome on more and more students.

He said and we quote: “With student numbers continuing to grow, we will be working with our partner Uliving to develop the next phase of student accommodation on our Colchester Campus to secure the future success of the university.”

According to the University, the new blocks are set to be opened in time for the intake of students starting at the university in autumn 2018.

Of course, the proposal for the new accommodation block needed to be approved by the Colchester Council and the public first. Which is why students and members of the community were first consulted on the plans right before they were submitted to Colchester Council. In the end, the proposals received no objections and were able to be approved by officers without going before the planning committee.

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Source: Gazette-News UK