Here’s How You Can Save Money While Renting

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Here’s How You Can Save Money While Renting

As previously established, renting in the UK is a lot cheaper than buying a home. With that said, there is still plenty of money to be saved while renting.

Here at Clearhaven Lettings, we are all about savings! Here are a few tips which can help.

It’s all about the location

Pick a location nearest to your job. This way, you can easily save on commuting money or petrol when traveling to work. Long commutes cannot only drain your savings, it can also consume a lot of your time.

Consider a long-term lease

With SOME ¬†rental spaces, the longer the lease, the cheaper the rent. You and your landlord can save tons more when you’re getting a longer lease.

Negotiation is key

When it comes to lease renewals and other expenses, negotiate with your landlord. There is a higher chance that your rent will increase, so be sure to negotiate, it may not always work, but it is worth discussing.

Lessen your energy consumption

Your energy bills take up a huge chunk from your paycheck every month. Be sure to save on your energy consumption. You’d be surprised how much you can save from this. Try switch supplier from time to time, they are always offering introductory rates, when this run out switch again ! However be careful, some suppliers will have minimum contracts CHECK THE SMALL PRINT !

Rethink the way you shop

Every time you go shopping, whether it’s for groceries or furniture, think twice. Only pick up the things you and your family really need. You can also look for more ways to save on your shopping expenses. There are coupons, discount deals and more to choose from.