Home Security Month – Visual Guide to Home Security

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Home Security Month – Visual Guide to Home Security

Home Security Month Clearhaven Lettings have teamed up with Sainsbury’s Bank to help raise awareness on how to make your home safer and secure.

Regardless whether you’re a family man or not, making your home safe and secure should be one of your best interests. With today’s advanced technology, different types of break-in and burglar alarms are available on the market. There are plenty of cool, reliable gadgets out there that will help make you feel at ease when it comes to home safety.

There are hundreds of small and simple steps you can take in an effort to make your home more secure. This home security guide below shows you the simple steps you can take to help deter intruders. Taking these steps does not only make you and your family feel secure at home, it also helps increase your home value in the market. This way, you will feel confident enough to leave your home at times knowing that everything is safe.

Here are some example of the steps that you could take:

  • Add a burglar alarm system.
  • Create a fence, a gate or an external door.
  • Improve your outdoor lighting.
  • Set up a CCTV camera.

For a more in-depth guide and further measures you can take, check out our guide to home security below.


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Source: Sainsbury’s Bank