The Importance Of Letting Agents

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The Importance Of Letting Agents

Why are letting agencies important?

The property market has changed drastically throughout the years. And it will continue to change constantly.

As a private landlord, you might find yourself wondering what a letting agency could do for you and your business. With the market’s constant change, a letting agency can help you handle your business.

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, a letting agency takes the stress away from letting and renting. It is a letting agent’s job to give you the best advice and steer you in the right direction when it comes to looking for properties or potential tenants.

Letting agencies have more experience to bring to the table. They make the workload lighter for you and absorbs all the stress instead of you handling it all alone.

Contrary to popular beliefs, letting agencies actually provide a lot more benefits. Our friends over at The Tenants Voice recently wrote about the benefits of letting agents to tenants. In the blog article, they wrote:

There are several advantages of using a letting agent when looking for a property. A good letting agent will have expert local knowledge of the areas they serve. This is invaluable in saving you time and effort in finding the right home within the pressures of a strict time frame. Letting agents also provide a buffer between you and your landlord should issues or problems arise during the duration of the tenancy.

While some landlords prefer to do their business alone, having a letting agency to support you with your business is a big help, from things to having a list of trusted plumbers and electricians they can call upon to help with any issues that may arise, and also keeping a detailed record of money that has come in and where it has been spent within the financial year. All these things can help take the stress and strain out of letting a property. and can encourage you to find more properties to add to your portfolio, letting agents can also be the first ones to hear when new properties come to the market.  Contact Clearhaven Lettings for more information.