Improve Your Living Space & Kitchen

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Improve Your Living Space & Kitchen

Improve Your Living Space & Kitchen

Tips on how to Improve Your Living Space & Kitchen, Oftentimes, we are so busy that we rarely get the time to look around our home and notice the things that need fixing. Just like those loose cupboards that need replacing. Or that broken chair that you should’ve thrown out a long time ago. Or maybe fixing that squeaking floorboard that you meant to get fixed months ago. Nonetheless, this is the right time to start. Improve your living space and kitchen with these tips.

Given that you might be able to do all the repairs within the day, you can still start somewhere. Look around your house and inspect what needs to be fixed, replaced, and thrown out. Here are some tips that can potentially help you start.

 Handy Tips – Improve Your Living Space & Kitchen

  1. As mentioned above, make a list of things that needs to be fixed, replaced or thrown out. This way, it will be much easier for you to sort through all the clutter.
  2. Once you have got it all listed down, throw out all the things that needs to be thrown out. No excuses.
  3. Look at the kitchen and see what needs to be replaced. Check the flooring, tiles, cupboard doors, work surfaces, sinks and taps and see if a replacement is necessary.
  4. If a replacement is not necessary, then just clean everything to make it look like new. However, if replacement is a necessity, make sure you make a design statement with modern or colourful A+ rated appliances.
  5. How long has it been since you cleaned those carpets? Now would be the time to deep clean those.
  6. Sand-down original floorboards, or install  engineered wood laminate to make it look brand new.
  7. If you have pets, now would be the time to replace those old pet beds that probably smell now after years of usage.
  8. Maximise any space you have got. Whether you’ve only got a small living space or a large one, you can still maximise. You can open up living and dining rooms by having a professional remove the walls. Make sure you hire a professional. This way, they can check if the walls being brought down are supporting upper floors or roof trusses.
  9. You can even go over the top by restoring original features such as fireplaces or cornicing.

Improve Your Living Space & Kitchen

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Source: Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog