Interior Design 101: Decorate A Small Bedroom

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Interior Design 101: Decorate A Small Bedroom

Listen to what experts have to say when it comes to decorating a small bedroom.

Decorating a small bedroom is always fun. On the flip side, it can also be a challenge. Clearhaven Lettings is always here to help.

We have gathered great advice from different experts to help you decorate a bedroom. These interior design tips are made for those who are planning to decorate a small bedroom but couldn’t decide where to start.

Remember, a small bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring bedroom. There are plenty of ways to make a bedroom look fun. Check out these tips below.

Interior designer Beata Heuman via House And Garden UK

Simon Brown

Beata Heuman has transformed her Earls Court flat into a beautiful work of art. Here’s some advice:

Mirror is a vital tool in the armoury of anyone designing a small room. Use it to reflect light and create an illusion of space. Here mirrored Ikea ‘Pax’ wardrobes flanking the window emphasise the view on to leafy Brompton Cemetery. The blinds are in ‘Serafina’ (white) by Marvic.

Image credit: Malcolm Menzies

In a recent post by Ideal Home UK,  Jennifer Louise Ebert wrote: “Be bold with a striking wallpaper and eye-catching artwork and turn a single wall into the main focus of a small bedroom. Opt for a restricted colour palette with crisp white bed linen and furniture made from reclaimed wood. Stick to mostly white bed linen so the look isn’t overly busy and introduce a splash of colour to liven up the scheme a notch.”

Colors are important

When it comes to decorating a small space, light colors are the best choice. Light colors enhance the feeling of the space.  Choose a light-colored paint, furnishes, and decorations.

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