Maximizing Your Own Small Space

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Maximizing Your Own Small Space

In creating a beautiful home, you need not have a big place to have one. They say that bigger is always better, but it can be proven that size does not matter. Given the right planning, right furniture and accessories, and good color scheme, a small place can look like a breathtaking big house. Here is some useful advice on how to maximize space.

  • Tricky Mirrors

Mirrors can be one of the best tools ion creating an illusion. Though this is an old trick, mounting an oversized mirror on the wall tends to give the impression of more space and can also be visually appealing to guests.

  • Color Scheme

Paint the wall white gives the room a lighter, brighter base that makes the furniture and accessories stand out. Color white makes a room look bigger. It can also segregate spaces by color scheme.

  • Big Size Furniture

Small furnishings can make a room look smaller. A Larger piece of furniture help hide unsightly elements liked wires and small stuff that add clutter to space.

  • Hang Paintings Above Eye Level

Display an artwork and memorable family pictures as high as possible to give the illusion of a tall ceiling.

  • Multi-Function Furniture

An example of this multiple purpose furniture is a sofa at daytime that can be turned into bed at night or a table that can be folded when not in need and can be spread out at times.

  • Eliminate What’s Not Useful

Keep only the things you need and dispose of what’s not. Always apply the saying “If one thing comes in, another has to go” to maintain a clutter free space.

  • Hidden Storage

Make use the unused space under your couch, cabinets, or beds as a hidden storage where you can put small materials like toys, supplies and other small stuff.