How to Rent well

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How to Rent well

Do you know that over a third of the households in England are rented, and the cost can be surprising – rent for the record has an average of £1,270/month in England. Of course, not all people can afford these prices, we have a few helpful tips to make the experience a little less stressful.

Now, we will give you some tips on how to rent a home cheaply and safely –  including how to check your deposit is protected, a trick to make paying your rent boost your credit score, ways to furnish your flat for free and more.

Ensure you have contents cover from as soon as you move in

If you are renting, your landlord is the one responsible for building insurance, so you should only be getting contents cover. As building insurance generally covers the property itself, this is usually the landlord’s responsibility.

Check your deposit is protected

To ensure your deposit is protected from the outset, ask the landlord or letting agent which scheme it’s with before you sign the contract. If you’ve already moved in and the scheme isn’t named on your contract, ask the landlord and get it in writing.

Ways to help ensure you get your deposit back

When it comes to checking your properties at the end of your term there, landlords can develop better microscopic vision than Superman, blaming you for all the damages present on the property. But there are ways to improve the chances of getting your deposit back.

  • Check your contract. Dig it out and give it another read. Does it say the carpets need to be deep-cleaned, or that all picture hooks need to be removed and filled in? If so, make sure these are sorted.
  • Fix all damages. Fix it, from the tiniest hole you have created, to the repainting you have done on the property for you to have your deposit back.
  • Ensure nothing’s missing or broken. Check the inventory thoroughly to make sure everything’s as it should be, and replace or fix as needed.
  • Take photos of the before and after for you to have proof. This could be the best evidence later if some dispute arises over your deposit.
  • Deep Clean thoroughly. Have it all check to other family members or a friend who’s meticulously clean and to check out if you’ve missed a thing.