Renter’s Guide Things A Renter Should Know

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Renter’s Guide Things A Renter Should Know

We can all agree that some aspects of renting are a bit difficult. This is the reason why Clearhaven Lettings aim to help renters and tenants get the best renting experience.

Renters, just like landlords, has a lot of responsibilities. Today, we will talk about how you as a tenant can improve your renting experience.

Maintain a good tenant-landlord relationship.

Just like in any relationships, the one you have with your landlord needs work and effort. Having a good relationship with your landlord is the first method to make your renting experience better.

Know your responsibilities.

As a tenant, you have your own responsibilities. It is important to know these as well as you know your rights. Always be prepared. Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant will help you in the long run.

Read before you sign.

In this blog, we have gone over this rule a few times before. Still, it is one of the biggest mistakes tenants make – signing an agreement before reading. This time, before you sign any paperwork, make sure you fully understand what it means. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember that once you sign, you can no longer undo a contract.

Make sure your deposit is protected.

If you and your landlord agreed to a security deposit, your landlord is obliged by the law to protect it. They can do so with a government-authorised scheme. These schemes serve as adjudicators just in case any dispute happens during your tenancy. Ask your landlord to provide you with a prescribed information issued by their choice of scheme.

Read your inventory, double check if it is right.

With most landlords, you will get an inventory report when you move in. This report will note the condition of the property prior to the move. Ask your landlord to accompany you in checking the rooms to see if the inventory report is accurate. Double check if anything is missing or not. If you see anything wrong with the report, it is important to tell your landlord right away.

Do you have more advice for your fellow renters? Let us know in the comments below!