Selling Your Home at Christmas

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selling your home at christmas

Selling Your Home at Christmas

A lot of people believe that selling your home at Christmas is difficult. There are plenty of elements to contend with including the weather and local myths that the market slows down. There is also the mess and clutter that Christmas decorations leave behind, making it harder to present your house in a nice way. However, there are ways around these dilemmas.

Always think that the potential buyers are there to view your home, and not judge how much you love the festive period. So, when it comes to Christmas decorations, be restrained. But still keep in mind that you need to make your home memorable for the buyer. Create an environment where they can see themselves enjoying a Christmas in without overdoing it.

These tips listed below are meant to help you do just that:

  1. Start from the outside, and work your way in. Maybe try a festive wreath on the door, add a few Christmas light hanging in a tree, or on a bush. Just keep it simple, yet enchanting.
  2. Speaking of trees, let’s discuss Christmas trees. When getting a Christmas tree, you need to think about the size of your home. Do you have a high ceiling? Then choose a tall tree to accentuate that. Do you have a slightly small property? Then choose a small tree. If you choose a big tree for a small space, it would make the place look cramped. Save some space and it will make your home look bigger. Matching decorations are always better to look at than mismatched ones.
  3. Decorate the hallway. Keep decorations simple. Decorate the stairs with some ribbons or hanging stars. Add a nice candle or a light display on the tables. Accentuate the windowsills by adding a little lighting.
  4. Do not decorate the floors. Keep it clear as much as possible to give space for viewers.
  5. Make your kitchen look spacey. Buyers love a big kitchen. Tidy away utensils and make every counter look as clean as possible. Put freshly baked goods in the oven or on the counter to make the room smell nice.

See? Selling your home at Christmas doesn’t have to mean getting rid of all the decorations. It simply means being careful which ones you put up.