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apartment hunting tips

Guidelines for Space Hunting

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There are plenty of advice you can get when hunting for a flat. What we aim to give you are the dos and don’ts to keep your limbs intact. It is prime time for the  flat hunting frenzy. So here are some knowledgeable tips for you to consider before and after you moved in:

Before Starting Your Property Search

  • Always be financially prepared.
  • Find a flat that is near your workplace or university.
  • Listen to your friends’ advice about good neighborhoods if you’re new to area.
  • Compare the crime rate in different parts of the area using the Guardian’s interactive UK crime map tool.

Before Moving In

  • Capture the inside scoop of your chosen flat. Ask some of the tenants currently living in about the pros and cons of the flat.
  • Maintain friendly terms because you will need to be in contact with these people in case they move out.
  • Always check the status of the plumbing, gas and electricity. Make sure to examine the leaks and holes in floors and ceilings and inform the landlady about it before moving in.
  • Do not let the agency bully and intimidate you. Get their contact numbers so you can personally contact them if things go wrong.
  • Pay your rent on time.

After Moving In

  • Be sure to know your rights. If something goes wrong and you are not the one who caused it, inform your landlord or letting agent  right away because it is their responsibility to take care of it as soon as possible.
  • If the landlord or your agency does not respond and refuses to take care of the damage, it is within your rights to report them through council to Health and Safety.