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Steal These Decorating Ideas For Your Rental Space

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Let’s say hello to 2017 but are you ready to say goodbye to your old space? New year gives you the chance to come up with new rental decorating ideas to start the year more awesome and stylish. Your space is a huge part of your everyday life since it is where your comfort belongs. These décor ideas will help to make your renovation more fab!

Paint Selections

One good idea is to paint your furniture if you are not allowed to paint the walls. Painting the bed frame can create so much impact as the new color on the walls.

Dress Up Your Windows

Blinds are the most common used in rental spaces because it’s easy to put in but it can also be a little boring. You should try making DIY curtains to make your space more personalized since curtains put on the most appearance in homes.

Cover Your Floors

Most of the time especially when you are just renting the space, you don’t have the time or rights to change the floorings. But what should you do if the apartment’s flooring is just too old and boring? You can come with an extra-large area rug to cover up the old floor which coordinates with the other decorations.

Have an Entertainment Section

Put up your TV in the center and add some spice with it like hanging a paneled artwork and having many storage surrounding it. In addition to this, having a piece of furniture beneath a wall-mount TV grounds it and stops it from seeming as if there’s a random black object floating on the wall.

Fill Up Boring Walls

Boring walls is the first enemy you can get from renting spaces. Try hanging a grid of your favorite pictures with large mats. Larger mats create the needed white space for having an active display.

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Easy Holiday Decorations For Renters

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Decorating a rented home can be a bit tricky at times. The agreement you signed with your landlord might include some specific ways on how you can or cannot decorate your home. For some, hammering in nails, painting the walls and re-installing the tiles are a big no-no.

For some, hammering in nails, painting the walls and re-installing the tiles are a big no-no. However, we advise you not to fret because there are ways you can sneak past these rules without breaking them. Here are some easy ways you can decorate your home for the yuletide season.

  1. Frames for Festive Lights

    “At least one manufacturer has recognized the need for hanging lights around a window without tape, tacks, or hooks. The “Window Wonder Frame Kit” is a customizable plastic frame system that you can press in place between the windowsill and top window jamb. Add-on pieces are sold to fit windows of larger sizes so you can customize the fit for just about any window.Clips on the plastic frame hold incandescent mini-lights in place, but they’re not designed to hold LED lights. Once installed, the lights are visible from inside or outside, and they’ll be perfectly aligned around the perimeter of the window.” – Landlordology

  2. Start with the walls

    “1. Ask your landlord for permission to paint your walls a nice neutral color. If your landlords are smart, they’ll understand that you only want to improve their property, which make it a win-win for all parties. That’s what we did in our current pad, and our landlord gave us the green light. #rentersforthewin

    2. If your landlord says the walls must be white when you move out, then you can always paint them back at the end of your lease. Which (while being a pain) is still an option. Or you can paint an accent wall in a prominent spot and then you’ll only have 1 wall to paint when you leave.” – TheDIYPlayBook

  3. Invest in statement lighting

    “You might not be able to change the positioning of your ceiling lights, but whether it’s with lamps, lanterns, candles or statement pendant lights like this red plastic design, you can control the level of mood lighting in your home.” – IdealHome

  4. Think about colour matching

    “An easy way to make your rental look more welcoming is to use colours that complement your existing decor. Don’t fight the fixtures and paint colour already in your rental if you’re not permitted to make major changes. If your home has a neutral interior (i.e cream or beige,) use metallic gold or soft green – it will bring your room to life. You might also like to wrap your gifts in a similar colour.” – Rent

  5. Rearrange your furniture.

    “Your couch doesn’t have to be pushed against a wall, unless you have the tiniest of tiny apartments. In which case, there are other ways to change it up.” – Huffington Post