Things to Know Before Going on A Rental Inspection

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Things to Know Before Going on A Rental Inspection

Going on the rental inspections can be stressful. You do not know what to expect or what is expected of them. To avoid experiencing stress, read some tips below on how you can prepare for your rental inspection and score another year on your lease.

Start to do little things to prepare for it.

Once you are booked in for a rental inspection, you can start cleaning day by day. You can start cleaning the bedroom on day one, clean the shower on day two and sweep the porch on the next day. With these little things, it won’t be more hassle as the day of the rental inspection comes.

Clean everything properly.

What would the inspectors look at first? Of course, it is how well-cleaned the property is and how you maintain it. If you passed this stage, you can now breathe well. Try scrubbing the corners of the shower screen, spot clean the carpets and make your garden look like they’re living a happy life. These small things do matter especially if the inspector is keen on everything.

List down the issues to discuss.

Rental inspection is the best time to discuss everything. Let them know about the ongoing maintenance problems that are out of your responsibility particularly the structural problems.

If there are minor repairs, do it.

There seems to be a bit of a gray area with whose responsibility it is to fix things in the home. But know that if it is your fault, you must be the one to fix it.

Be calm.

You don’t need to worry, rental inspections are not made to make the landlord decide to kick you out or berate you. You need to be calm and be confident on how you maintain the house. Just clean the property well because rental inspection is not a big deal and not worth getting stressed over.