Ways to Become the Best Tenant

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Ways to Become the Best Tenant

Be the best tenant you can be.

If you plan to rent a space, being tenant can be horrible especially if you heard so my landlord horror stories. Landlords may always be misjudged and renters do, too. So take out a new strategy to change these old stories and have the best landlord-tenant relationship. But how can you be the best tenant your landlord could ever have? Take time to read the tips below:

Get ready for the rental interview

Yes, searching for apartments have interviews, too. Landlord will interview you and vice versa. This is a serious matter as it will be the first stage to build a good relationship with the landlord. Yes, you do not have a home, but do not look like homeless or else, they’ll doubt about how you can pay the rental bill.

Be prepared to rent anytime

Do not ever waste your time or the landlord’s if you aren’t fully ready to commit renting the space. Once you found the rental you like, you should put down the holding or reservation fee but if you do not like the place, then get ready to move to your next space. Prepare your proof on employment and income and bring a pen in case you need to fill up a contract.

Do not bring anybody who won’t rent

Once you talk to your landlord and tag a friend along who isn’t going to rent, the landlord might assume he/she might be moving in, too. Keep in mind and do not be offended if the landlord says that they do not want to keep criminals on their property. If you have a kid along, do not let them wander around as it is not your place yet.

Learn the move-in etiquette

Once you have decided to take in the place and been approved, move in during the day, especially not after 8 p.m. If you’ll be by the past that time, move in the next day. Do not block anything including the other tenants’ car and make them wait just for you to finish moving in your things. Have respect with everybody.