Winter Is Coming, Temperatures are Dropping in Essex

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Winter Is Coming, Temperatures are Dropping in Essex

Citizens of Essex prepare for cold weather. Winter can already be felt throughout every town. Don’t forget to wear gloves, scarves and doubled layers of clothing at all times.

Temperatures are reported to have plummet this week. According to the Met Office, temperatures will fall quickly tonight to a minimum of -5C. Not only that, but every town would experience frost.

Patchy freezing fogs are also reported to be forming in rural places. Essex Gritters will be out in force on the county’s main roads tonight in preparation.

Across Essex, the weather will be dry and sunny tomorrow but temperatures will only reach 6C, with experts warning it will feel more like 4C or 5C.

Temperatures will fall below freezing again tomorrow night, down to an icy -2C.

By Wednesday morning it will feel like a very chilly -5C in Colchester, Southend and Clacton and as cold as -6C in Braintree and Maldon.

Temperatures at 9am on Wednesday are set to be around the freezing mark for much of Essex, with a predicted temperature of -1C in Colchester, -2C in Basildon and 0C in Clacton.

During the day on Thursday, the top temperature in Basildon will be 7C (but it will feel more like 4C), and it will struggle to even reach 5C in Clacton. Maldon will see a high of just 4C.

And temperatures are set to stay low into the weekend with highs of just 5C or 6C.

Report: Gazette-News