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common renter mistakes

Top 4 Huge Mistakes Every Renter Does

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The tenant population is certainly diverse, and many renters are entering the housing market for the first time. Unfortunately, word often doesn’t get around about typical renter mistakes, so the same errors are often repeated.

  • Not reading the contract carefully before signing the lease.
    Even if the renting market is frenzied, you must not rush into the rental agreements if you have so many questions about it and you don’t feel right. Eric Feinberg, a New York City-based tenant lawyer, says, “I can’t tell you how many people knew when they were signing that it felt wrong and how much more it cost them in the end.” Always make sure to check out your tenant rights in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website. This website indicates a state-by-state list of the things that are legal.
  • Signing an objectionable lease.
    Finding a lease can be hard and easy at the same time. You must always consider first your needs and what you might sublet in the future like having frequent visitors or having a pet. When searching for rental spaces, you cannot forget and leave behind your lifestyle and needs just because you don’t own the house. Always sign if you liked the lease you chose. Most of the time, having extra guests or appliances will have some extra charge so you have to be careful and responsible enough to know all the details before signing the lease contract.
  • Not taking pictures upon checking up the chosen space.
    If you are decided to take up the rental space you checked out, do not forget to take some pictures of the pre-existing damages to inform the landlord before checking in. You can make a list of these damages with a sign and date to give it to your landlord. If you have talked about all the repairs to be done with the landlord, get everything in writing all the promises he made.
  • Not knowing the importance of getting renter’s insurance.
    The renter’s insurance is the most important thing you need to get after signing the lease because the landlord’s insurance policy does not really cover their tenant’s personal property. If natural hazards occur and your valuables are damaged, you are the one responsible for the cost of it all. It is advisable to get a renter’s insurance which is affordable for you.

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